Koichi Makigami – Journey to New York | talk, live and photo, March 2024

巻上公一のニューヨーク紀行 トーク&ライブ・写真展

・ 3/1金トークとミニライブ(食事付き)【Soup&Talk vol.2】
・ 3/1金〜3日 スライド写真展




巻上さんお気に入りのNYの味マッツォボール・スープもどうぞお楽しみに。トークとミニライブ、そして日本では珍しいスープが登場する欲張りなイベントです。隣接するspace OTONARIではトークから3日間、巻上さんの写真をスライドショー形式で展示します。



◯ 2024. 3/1 金 18:00‐20:00
◯ 参加費 3,000円(税込)
◯ 定員 15名
◯ 食事 マッツォボール・スープ
◯ 会場 Cafe Sampo
 神奈川県足柄下郡湯河原町門川63-1 [google map]
 お申し込みフォーム または以下の連絡先へ


◯ 2024. 3/1(金) – 3(日)
◯ 12:00-19:30
◯ 入場無料
◯ 会場 space OTONARI
 神奈川県足柄下郡湯河原町門川63-1 [google map]
 *Cafe Sampo隣接


Cafe Sampo
Tel 0465-55-8704
Email cafe_sampo@fastmail.com

特定の土地にまつわるトークと、その土地ゆかりのスープをCafe Sampoの協力のもと再現して一緒に楽しむ企画です。

協力 Cafe Sampo / space OTONARI
企画 Waves Project

Koichi Makigami’s Journey to New York
Talk and exhibition [Soup & Talk vol.2]

3/1 (Fri) Talk and mini-live (with food)
3/1 (Fri) – 3 (Sun) Slideshow photo exhibition

A talk event and photo exhibition by Koichi Makigami, who always surprises us with his unconventional creative activities.

Just a few days ago, Makigami was selected for the 2024 Artist Award by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts (FCA) ! The Foundation was founded by Jasper Johns and John Cage to support artists in New York.
In the talk, Makigami will talk about the Kabakovs’ studio, which he visited in New York last December, and a wide range of other topics, including his activities, with photos and videos.

Mr Makigami’s favourite New York dish, matzo ball soup will be served at the event. An evening of talk, mini live concert and a soup dish rare in Japan.

A slideshow of Makigami’s photographs will be on display at the space OTONARI for three days until 3rd March.

We look forward to seeing you in Yugawara!
See below for details and registration.

Koichi Makigami – Journey to New York –
Talk and mini-live (food included)

– Friday, March 1, 2024
– 18:00-20:00
– Admission: ¥3,000 (tax included)
– Capacity: 15 people
– Meal: Matzo ball soup
– Venue: Cafe Sampo
– Address: 63-1 Kadokawa, Yugawara-cho, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa [google map]

Makigami’s New York
Slide Show photo exhibition

– March 1(Friday) – March 3 (Sunday), 2024
– 12:00-19:30
– Admission: free
– Venue: space OTONARI *next to Cafe Sampo
– Address: 63-1 Kadokawa, Yugawara-cho, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa [google map]

About Koichi Makigami
Born in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Musician, poet, music producer, lyricist, composer, singer-songwriter and voice performer. Leader of Hikashu. Plays several instruments, from mouth harp and theremin to cornet, bass and electronic instruments.
Received the first Makoto Ooka Award for his poetry collection “Suprematism (The Supreme Delutions)”.
His latest collection of poems ‘Straddling the Thick Rainbow’ was published in 2023. Winner of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts (FCA) Artist Award in NY in 2024.

Enquiries and reservations
Cafe Sampo
63-1 Mongawa, Yugawara-cho, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa
Tel 0465-55-8704
Email cafe_sampo@fastmail.com

About Soup & Talk programme
This is a programme of talks about a particular place and a soup associated with it. The soups are prepared with the help of Cafe Sampo.
The first Soup & Talk event took place in November 2023, inviting artists Reiko Motohara and Kabo to talk about their Artist residency in Narva, Estonia. Borsch soup was served at the event.

For the second time, we invite Koichi Makigami on the theme of New York.

Supported by Cafe Sampo / space OTONARI
Organised by Waves Project